Mini Upcycled Plastic Cup Easter Baskets

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Mini Upcycled Plastic Cup Easter Baskets

One of my favorite sponsors is SweetWorks, Inc. In the past I have made mini leprechaun hats, recycled jar candy bowls, baby food jar favors, plastic cup turkeys, and see through owl favors. I have to say, these mini upcycled plastic cup Easter baskets are my favorite so far!!! I used the infamous red Solo cups that were left over from an event that I had at my Couples Olympics party.

Here is what you’ll need:

  • One plastic cup basket
  • Scissors
  • Mod Podge
  • Foam brush
  • Twine
  • Ribbon or bows


Step One:

First cup your plastic cup to the desired depth. I used a pair of fantastic scissors, the Fiskars Amplify Mixed Media Shears. They just made cutting so much cleaner and smoother.


Step Two:

Next cut three pieces of twine for the handle. Use Mod Podge to dipp the ends and glue it to your cup. I positioned it close to the bottom. Allow it to harden a little. I made several baskets so I prepped the rest of my materials as I waited for the glue to dry.

plastic-cup-basket  (1)

Step Three:

Next, braid your handle and glue the other side.  It will look like this.

plastic-cup-basket  (2)

Step Four:

Since I was making several baskets, again I did steps 1-3 to wait for the glue to dry. Once the handle glue is slightly dry, brush on a generous amount of Mod Podge around the entire outside of the cup. Wrap the twine around the cup starting at the base.

plastic-cup-basket  (3)

Step Five:

Once you reach the end, seal the tip with Mod Podge, ideally at the base of the handle for a clean look. I added little craft bows with more Mod Podge.

plastic-cup-basket (5)

Step Six:

Lastly, fill your Easter baskets with grass and SweetWorks chocolates! I filled mine with chocolate foiled eggs. I also added a little pink felt bird that I glued onto a toothpick because I thought it was so darn cute!


Here are a couple more pictures! I hope you try it out.  Thank you to SweetWorks, Inc. for sponsoring this post!

Mini DIY Easter Baskets (2)

Mini DIY Easter Baskets (1)

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